FMW Weekend Planner

It’s the weekend and we’ve all been going through the fashion week hangover! How excited we were last week for the LFW… so what if it’s over?! We at FMW give you some fashion getaway ideas for this weekend!

After a long week of work and all things sad we all need a few cocktails to simply relax and enjoy the weekend. Hotel Shangri-La gives you the perfect deal on cocktails at their Indo-Lebanese resto bar Ekayana. Spend your Saturday afternoon at the restaurant sipping on some margaritas while munching on some khaus khaus. To make your day better the hotel offers a one on one drink deal so if you’re running on a low budget but have a high taste then head to Shangri-la for some good time!

One For One Happy Hours at Ekayana Shangri-La Hotel, Mumbai

Ladies! If the cocktails didn’t hit your mind then head to The Pier at colaba, for some more cocktails while you groove to the eclectic tunes at the restaurant. The beautiful restaurant lets you unwind after a long day at work (if you’re the workaholic who works on Saturdays).  Jealous guys? 😛


It’s 8am and you’re up on a Sunday? Go back to bed! That’s the sweetest plan for a Sunday morning because there is NO Sunday morning! The day begins at afternoon, agree?

If you’ve always fancied celebrity lunch parties then head to Out of The Blue Powai for their Sunday brunch session with live music at the venue.

The weekend is almost over and you’re already feeling the Monday blues? Just bark your way to The Barking Deer if you’re a beer hungry deer! Prove your love for beer if you can, and take on the drinking challenge, and that’s not all! You get to mix and fix different beer preparations while you munch on the restaurant’s delicacies!

The Barking Deer

Party like a rockstar, while your party hard driver drives your car!

By: Saloni Raya