An Affair of Opulence!

The season has already been jampacked with shows of bridal couture, designers showcasing different styles and touching new heights as far as grandeur is concerned. Monday evening saw another designer duo, Arjun and Anjalee Kapoor showcasing their designs for the season at hotel Eros in Delhi.

The collection, comprised heavily embellished, bridal gowns, and lehengas for the brides, while for the grooms, we got to see a lot of heavy work sherwanis, on the runway. The bodice fitted gowns, intricately embroided blouses and bustiers, made the collection seem like a result of an inspiration that was an eccentric mix of the Mughal and the Rennaissance era.

The colour palate ranged from various shades of pink to peaches to few reds and darker shades of grey and golden. While the collection seemed decent, can’t say it left us mesmerized. I had a minor grip with variety offered in the collection, after a point the ensembles seemed repetitive, not only were they designed in the same colour palate but also were of the same style more or less. That said, there were still some pieces that were an instant favourite. The outfit on model Indrani Dasgupta definitely stood out relatively more than the others.

Model Indrani Dasgupta Displaying couture collection Jamawar Aria by Designer Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor .jpeg

 A Model Displaying couture collection Jamawar Aria by Designer Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor 9 A Model Displaying couture collection Jamawar Aria by Designer Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor 7

Bollywood actress Bipashu Basu, in a pink embellished lehenga, walked the ramp for the designer duo. Usually the showstoppers are given the best outfits as the designers want their showstopper to be the highlight of the event. I am clueless about what happened there, but let’s just say, we saw better ensembles on the runway from the collection. Also the lehengas could have been styled better and differently. Bipasha wore the lehenga with her signature hairstyle and pink makeup. A more sophisticated up do and perhaps a darker shade of lipstick would have given more edge to the look. Take a look at the pictures and decide?

Designer Anjalee Kapoor , Showstopper Bipasha Basu and Designer Arjun Kapoor

By: Isha Gupta

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