Deepika Padukone Turns Designer

A few weeks ago the media fraternity reported rumours that Deepika Padukone was in Milan getting inspired. Well, the rumours are true and it’s confirmed! Van Heusen, India’s No.1 premium lifestyle brand has collaborated with Bollywood Diva Deepika Padukone to co-create Van Heusen Woman’s “Limited Edition” collection. The Bangalore model-turned-actress will debut as a “Fashion Designer” as she unveils this season’s Limited Edition collection exclusively for Van Heusen. Known for her minimal, classic dressing, Deepika is one Bollywood diva who never ever slips up in the dressing department.


Earlier this year Van Heusen launched its Limited Edition line as part of their Spring/Summer 2013 range which got excellent response. With Deepika Padukone as the co-creator, the Limited Edition line goes notches higher with Trend-setting, unique, and exclusive collection in ‘Couture’ spirit.  Pegged around ‘OLD HOLLYWOOD’ Glamour, classic meets contemporary is the over arching look of the collection. The palate of this co-created line features monochromatic shades for the uber chic, dusty rose pinks for the sensual women, cobalt blue for the trendsetters and more which adds a lot appeal to the stunning pieces of creation. The exclusive line has already hit Van Heusen exclusive stores across the country.


Talking on her turning designer Deepika said “We’ll I’m hardly a designer, I think I am someone who has ideas but I’m not very good at executing. But I’m very open to seeing new things and sharing my ideas and then of course I need people to help me put it all together.”


Deepika and Van Heusen’s worlds are alike; Deepika has always stood for chic, elegant, effortless style and Van Heusen for sophisticated, graceful, understated fashion. Limited Edition by Van Heusen is the sweet spot between Deepika’s world and Van Heusen’s.  “It’s a little bit of what I already have and what I would like to see myself wearing. The collection is really about wearing your own personality. That’s something I’ve always believed in. It’s important to not forget who you are.”signs off Deepika.

By: Team FMW

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