Lara Dutta Takes on Designing

While Priyanka became the new Face of Guess and Deepika ventured into designing, now the lady in limelight is Lara Dutta Bhupathi who recently launched her signature collection of Indian wear in association with Chhabra 555. Indian women are getting fashionable by each day and no matter how celebrated these actresses may seem, deep down in their heart they are the same girls who just want to look chic.

Heena Chhabra, Lara Dutta and Asheeta Chhabra.

Heena Chhabra, Lara Dutta and Asheeta Chhabra.

Lara Dutta always had the innate desire of launching her own designs. She was one among the many girls who loves fashion and had a skilled inclination towards design. But what sets her apart right now is that she finally caught up with her dream during pregnancy while she had taken a break from the movies. Her collection is not expensive, it doesn’t burn a hole in one’s pockets- it is meant to be worn by the girls who want designer wear at a reasonable amount.

So who is Lara’s muse? While all other designers are busy hiring high profile celebrities to adorn their designs, Lara’s muse turned to be a simple, non-celebrated girl named Priyanka. Infact, celebrated she is- every girl is and you need not be on silver screen to do so. Lara agreed and expressed that she did not want her muse to be a model or an actress who knows how to pose in a saree but is more comfortable in western wear. She wanted her muse to be a simple girl who is comfortable the most in a saree. And that’s how Priyanka was selected through a competition. Colours like coral, red and blue were predominant in Priyanka’s outfit as she looked delighted to have won this opportunity.

Priyanka Pasrija - Muse of Lara Dutta - Chhabra 555 Collection

Priyanka Pasrija – Muse of Lara Dutta

Lara’s collection is a fine amalgamation of traditional and contemporary designs, and each saree has been hand crafted keeping in mind the demands of the modern woman. Her designer label includes traditional Benarasi silk sarees as well as the contemporary modern net sarees.


Sanya Kohli

However, we think it was a good move for it would have seemed a bit unusual if Lara got another actress or model as a muse. Did Lara Dutta Bhupathi think the same? Either ways, it was only a win-win situation for all.

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By: Nishtha Sood

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