Challenge in Working for a Luxury Brand in India

India is a fast growing economy- and the luxury retail industry is one that is blooming and upscaling with the constant improvisation of Indian lifestyle. Don’t we need schools focusing on this industry?


Malvika Prabhu, a fashion design graduate working with Armani says, “My fashion degree definitely helped me in securing a job in luxury retail. Since most people applying for these positions barely have any formal education in this industry, having a degree in design is always a plus point. But I would say it definitely didn’t help me in having a thorough knowledge of a fashion luxury house.’’

Nikita Fernandes is passionate about fashion, has always been. Her interest led her to work with Jatin Varma, as well as Salvatore Ferragamo but she felt it wasn’t enough, “I was definitely learning. I am an Arts graduate and work experience seemed perfect for gaining knowledge. But I felt I needed more. I took up a post graduate course in Fashion Retail Management and I realized the difference between Luxury and Fashion only after I joined the course. Whilst working for a Luxury brand there are so many things one needs to learn; there are theories, strategies, buying. You don’t get just any merchandise into the fashion luxury house. I think academic training and work experience walk hand-in-hand. You cannot miss out on either!”

David Landart, Director of Sales (Asia) of Carlin International, an agency that provides trend forecasting, visual merchandising and marketing solutions to world’s leading luxury brands expresses, “One cannot pretend a VM design, one has to understand the product. The luxury brands in India, should definitely have specialized teams because it is not only an art, it is a science as well. There are techniques to it and having knowledge of trends is a major part. One needs to study the luxury consumer as well as the products.”

Viktor Shklovsky wrote “Art as Technique” and who are we to deny?

Managing a fashion luxury house has techniques. There are techniques even to break an egg. If you wish to break into the luxury industry, make sure you know the modus operandi by heart!xx

 By: Akanksha Narang


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    Working for a luxury brand is always a big challange.You have to go deep into the vision of the brand and take care of the smallest possible things. But yes now In India also good courses to manage luxury brands have started. For example IIM Ahmedabad is offering a 4 and a half month workshop for Crafting Luxury and Lifestyle Business. Go here to know more…


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