Sneak peek into the new additions at Zaffran

Zaffran is synonymous Indian and Mughlai food in Mumbai. With outlets in Fort, Lower Parel and Bandra, it has established itself as the only restaurant offering the most authentic Indian food experience. From their mutton biryani to chicken anarkaliand pyaaz paratha, nothing satiates our food craving like the offerings at Zaffran.

Now, we are delighted to announce new additions in the menu tried out by yours truly. Here’s what ticked for us from what Chef Chetan Sethi presented us.

The great Indian Fries

The Great Indian Fries – Move on from French Fries and munch on this Indianised version of chips.

Karuveppilai Paneer Tikka

Karuveppilai Paneer Tikka – These are cottage cheese kebabs with a southern twist. The curry leaves loads in nostalgia of southern Indian chutney.

Pepper Mutton with Crispy Dosa

Pepper Mutton with Crispy Dosa – Pulled lamb tossed with Indian spices with dosa. A classic.

Chingri chop with kasundi dip: This is aseafoodcrouqutte with a twisted mustard dip, inspired by the Bengali street food of the same name.

Gulkand ki gilori

Gulkand ki gilori: Rose petal jam blended with malai

Twisted Falooda

Twisted falooda: Falooda served in a bowl. As the chef puts it, this is “zaffran’s version of our famous dessert”

So tell what do u think?

P.S. You can now sample these at a discount with your Quick Perks card.

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Story by: Esther Cabral