About Us:

Fashionmostwanted.com is India’s premier online fashion & lifestyle magazine, which vividly scouts, explores, and zooms in on all essential aspects of Indian fashion.

What do we do at Fashion Most Wanted?

Fashion Most Wanted (FMW) captures the changing nature of fashion and lifestyle segments be it local and international fashion drifts, culinary aspects, travel options, and trends in the beauty industry.

India has matured into a grooming ground for the latest and most daring fashion trends making giant and determined strides to catch up with contemporary fashion which, not many years ago, was dictated by the fashion capitals of the West such as London, New York, Paris, and Milan.

Our Vision:

Keeping all this in mind, Fashion Most Wanted is keen to catch up with the contemporary fashion and lifestyle trends that define us as individuals. Whether you nurture a casual interest or want a career in fashion and lifestyle, Fashion Most Wanted envisages this mysterious world by being your definitive friend, philosopher, and guide on your exciting journey.

About Jeremy Cabral:

Jeremy Cabral is the proprietor and founder of Fashion Most Wanted (FMW), an online magazine mainly focusing on the Indian metrosexual male. During my many years in the Fashion industry, I realised the lacuna in the documentation of men’s fashion. This urged me to start a one-stop-shop for all of men’s fashion, beauty and fitness needs. As we evolved, women’s beauty and fashion segment—a befitting accompaniment to my men’s focus—took center stage. Apart from this, Fashion Most Wanted branched out to Style Boulevard, an influencer marketing agency.

A Mumbai boy, Jeremy Cabral belongs to the East Indian Catholic community. So, his love for the city of Mumbai is evident through his pictures on Instagram and on his website. He believes that “one should never forget their roots and should always be true to his homeland”. He has started off from a humble middle-class family, today Jeremy Cabral is one of the first and leading male fashion influencers in India. A look into his website and social media pages, and you’ll know what we talking about.

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