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Jeremy Cabral Interview with Devika Chopra for NewsX

Fashion blogging in India has evolved tremendously and it has opened up new horizons for those interested in fashion and the like. Brands have started utilising fashion bloggers and influencers on the internet through paid collaborations and endorsement deals that help them reach out to their target audience effectively. Gradually, this is becoming a mainstream profession and we can find a lot of youngsters taking it up seriously. One such example is that of Jeremy Cabral, a leading fashion blogger from Mumbai. 

Jeremy began his fashion journey as a consultant with the global brand IMG Fashion where he worked as an international public relations manager for the Lakme Fashion Week event that takes place in Mumbai every year. Later in 2008, he set up FashionMostWanted.com, an online fashion and lifestyle magazine that promotes Indian fashion with a global perspective. Since then there’s been no looking back for this 30-year-old. Contrary to the norm, Jeremy doesn’t feature posts about international fashion destinations, which is a big trend among Indian fashion influencers nowadays who do so to gain more traction for their content on social media. When asked why, he is quick to respond, “He who is truly local can only go global. The world wants to know your true essence so when you stick to your roots, you will automatically get global recognition.” And that’s what makes this influencer stand out!

It was never a cakewalk for Jeremy to establish himself as a mainstream fashion blogger given the stiff competition and the existing prejudices. “I’d say my family had a huge role to play when it comes to me realising my vision. Like any typical Indian family, they expected the son to submit himself to a 9-5 job and be ‘stable’. Additionally, fashion was not something they associated a boy with. They had apprehensions but nevertheless, stood by me. This encouragement is essential as we all seek validation from our near and dear ones. I can just say that I lucked out with my family,” he says. 

It was during his time at IMG Fashion, between 2007-2009, that Jeremy realised that fashion blogging was the next big thing globally and will soon be a part of the Indian scene as well. “The main reason for the blogging revolution was because magazines didn’t feature much on personal style; therefore, I felt there was a need to make the concept of blogging known to the Indian fashionista. It was a tough process and there were several setbacks, but I followed my instincts,” he adds.

Explaining how the fashion industry is gradually adapting to the new blogging trend, he says that nowadays a lot of famous brands are interested in working with micro-influencers more often than earlier. “I would say that over the past few years I have met many young emerging fashion bloggers, and they are doing very well in their niche. Bloggers are experimenting more, they are becoming suitable role models and style icons for their audience. Consumers find bloggers more relatable and approachable as compared to celebrities. And brands find that appealing. For example, my profile on Instagram FMWdotcom is all about power dressing and men’s grooming so we regularly get to be a part of campaigns by brands, who are into bespoke tailoring or customisation, premium accessories and gadgets,” says Jeremy.

Jeremy strongly feels that fashion blogging should be made a part of more fashion courses in Indian colleges and universities for more youngsters to be able to take it up as a career option. “It has been my deep burning desire to establish a fashion blogging academy where we can train aspiring fashion bloggers on the skill sets that are required to become one. This is the need of the hour as there are many bloggers who are looking for direction. Many are misled or misguided since the industry is extremely competitive. So yes, there should also be initiatives where bloggers come up to support and mentor emerging bloggers,” he says. Even after saying so, he expresses that a lot more needs to be done in terms of the practical value that a fashion blogging course might have to offer. “We all know that our education system fails to have practical application and focusses more on theory,” he adds.

The 30-year-old blogger agrees that the internet and social media have played a pivotal role in the success of the blogging industry. “The internet combined with social media platforms is a canvas and we are artists using our brushes to leave a mark. Net has given us an opportunity to express our voice and vision making it easy to reach millions of people. Content has become king in its true sense,” he explains.

Finally, Jeremy gives us a lowdown on what it takes to become a successful fashion blogger or influencer in today’s world. “I think it starts with a vision. When I started off my career in 2007, I saw that despite everything being so glamorous and flamboyant around, the industry was disorganised. Designers did consignments without any paper works, models worked for brands without any contract, magazine editors favoured and wrote about only those designers and brands who gave them freebies. I wanted to promote real talent that never got a voice or platform to highlight themselves,” he says. Once you have a vision, be consistent. “You have to go on no matter what goes on in your personal life,” he adds. One has to be a constant learner and eventually grasp the art of blogging in the process. “Whenever I learn something new I’m excited to try it and apply it to my work. This keeps the motivation on and the creativity flowing,” says Jeremy. For all those who think they can become overnight superstars on the internet here’s the final advice – ‘Patience is key.