The Stealers!

By: Roshni Raj

Let the sexy shoulders flaunt the fanciest accessories and walk heads and heels high into the club. We spotted, googled and stumbled upon the best bags that are a MUST in every party poppers’ closet.

If it wasn’t for the branded world, we’re not too sure we’d be this crazy after the names. And after all, Micheal Kors is a favourite. The right gold, shimmer and bling with the perfect handle, it was love at first sight. This gorgeous piece is definitely stealing the stares from them ladies. Perfecto!

There is nothing more pleasing than to hear these two words, Limited Edition. Beating the hues of cliché slings, Gucci’s darling Frida Gianinnini designed limited edition Ananaconda skin clutch for the brand’s largest outpost opening in India. Available in blue aqua and exotic pink tan with interlock clasp closure flaunting the Gucci logo, this is absolute stunner to us. What say?

Gucci Limited Edition Ananaconda Skin Clutch

Gucci Limited Edition Ananaconda Skin Clutch

Versace definitely knows its way through Luxe finishes and royal colours. With a sprinkle of baroque and silver medallion with matching tassels, Versace Vanitas quilted bag is beyond beautiful. Can’t wait to get our hands on this one!

Versace Vanitas quilted nappa leather bag

Versace Vanitas Quilted Nappa Leather Bag

How can we not trend Alexander McQueen after all the fabulous pieces have left us love-struck. Yet again, we have a marvellous elegance with the flowery touch. The flower-appliqued silk-brocade box clutch is leaving us speechless.

silk-brocade box clutch

Silk Brocade Box Clutch

Pale pink shade, pastel blooms, delicate brocade and we are in awe of this fantastic detailing. Our evenings just got classier, don’t you think?

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