Christmas Gifting

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By: Roshni Raj

December is the whipped cream of the year and we are absolutely delighted that it’s here! Such an exciting month with so much to look forward to, we’re gearing up for the holidays and slowly slipping into the festive mood. Yet again. Starting with the basics, we sit down to lists of the best buys for the gifting season and are totally pumped to kick off weekends filled with shopping bags and decorations! But we also have a little bonus this time. We are giving you options of where you can find these things too!

Christmas Gifting

The home love: For those enthusiastic about decorative homes and good housekeeping arts, Sanctum Store and Atmosphere Furnishing is definitely the best places to go shopping. With marvelous pieces to choose from, it provides you with fancy products at affordable pricing. Bliss in Versova is your next shop stop for funky procures. From accessories to pillow cases and colourful coasters and posters, they have a range of things you can choose from; including custom made sofas. And for those shopping just for the name, Suzzane Khan’s Charcoal project says it all; the name and the exorbitant prices. The Good Earth store may fall in this category too!

Play it on the safe side: Overtly confused about what too gift? Fragrances never let you down and are completely qualified to be the safest gift options. From the huge array of brands launching in India, we are perplexed with the choices and names. But also glad that we have options in safety too!

The most thrilled lot of Christmas belongs to the under 16 team. And there isn’t a better world than Hamleys for them to rejoice. Go for it buddies, there is no budget for Christmas!

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