Star’s Furry Friends

Everyone in the fashion and entertainment biz is known for their quirks, be it their design sensibility, dressing sense or the everyday bric-a-brac. We at FMW decided to do a little digging and find out 10 things about these A-listers. You could call it psychoanalysis or our own venture, just for kicks.

– Roberto Cavalli has a gorgeous little alarm clock. It’s furry, living, mobile and drools – his dog Lupo

– Karl Lagerfeld’s Siamese cat Choupette has two maids of her own, can use an iPad and eats at the table.

– Paris Hilton has 5 Chihuahuas, two cats, three ferrets and two monkeys, now if that’s not a mini-zoo, what is?

– Donatella Versace who is said to be one of the busiest women, ensures she gives her dog Audrey a big hug every morning. Now that’s what we call adorable.

– Thakoon sometimes carries his little Yorkie mutt ‘Stevie’ in a papoose. Very fatherly of you, Mr Thakoon

– Designer Isaac Mirahi claims both he and his dog are ’Democrats’, we wonder how he knows?

– Jonathon Saunder’s dog Amber doesn’t like handbags, we can only imagine how upset Saunders must be.

– After Marlon Brando died, Priyanka Chopra felt his legacy needs to be carried on and that’s why she named her dog Brando. Now that’s called a real fan.

– Salman Khan named his dog ‘Veer’ after his character in the movie Veer. Salman feels it’s only because of his dog that he could complete the movie!

– Isha Deol sneaked her dog Picolla on a flight to Italy, under her Jacket. So much for security checks!

The list of these four-legged friends of our two-legged celebs is endless, but one thing for sure, pets aren’t just companions anymore they’re also a fashion statement!

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