‘Infiltrate this rebellious trend into your wardrobe’

Eschewing the ubiquitous rock ‘n’ roll girl, fashion has made friends with her outcast sister, Rock Goth. Hanging out in the shadows of the dingiest dive, she comes complete with deconstructed layers of lace, antimony, powder and makeup. Check out 2013’s new trend: classy clothes with a hint of ghoul.

Goth is enjoying prime time on the ramp, with Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, Rodarte, John Richmond and John Galliano being some of  its dedicated followers. Its dark, mysterious and complex nature has its own magnetic pull.

Rock Goth

With its mixture of opulence and decadence, and using a clever interplay of light, shadow and spaces, rock goth has its influence on most of us. It’s clever effort to raise an art form, is evident in a collection which blends élan and attitude, while the grungier take on a markedly futuristic stance.

High Heel spike crystal
High Heel spike crystal

Vivid hues. Quirky hair. Stylish clothes. Don’t we love it? Recreate versatility by incorporating spikes, studs and leather into your clothes or accessories. Goth chic has a very junkie, female attitude. Brings to mind, the rebellious pink song — So What by Pink. The flamboyance of which we can and definitely should incorporate in our daily wear. It’s sinful yet chic combinations are a pure dangerous delight. Attitude is key. The sense of rebellion is as important as the slick rebel get-up.

By: Kavisa Rebello

4 Replies to “The Rock Goth”

  1. most people have a rebel streak within them! very few show it.

    Awesome stuff Kavi 🙂 way to go.

  2. Its tricky to strike the right balance between doing the classy dark grungy goth look and coming off as a teenage high school rebel ..especially if you’re a 25+ something attmepting to trend this look…otherwise this trend allows so much room for self expression.

    Well written Kavi!

  3. this style totally rocks….the spikey shoes look super hot and are a total rage!!!

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