Trending Jewellery This Season

India is a culture-rich country and jewelry has been part of our traditions since centuries. We’ve been associating diamonds, gold and pearls with class and elegance. As a matter of fact, diamonds were first found in India and with a heritage like that, it’s difficult to not love jewelry. It’s not every day that we buy solitaires, but when we do they better be the best one can get!

For that reason, FMW picks top 5 pieces of jewelry you must get your hands on from India’s trusted online boutique, Karatcraft and make a wise investment.

1) Cignus Necklace:

Cignus Necklace at

Delicate and feminine, the Cignus necklace reflects light and glimmers like a million flawless dew drops gleam in the morning sunlight, on your perfectly sculpted collar bones. And as you wear a bandeau blouse and a saree, this necklace will fall perfectly in place, making you look no less than an Indian princess.

2) Roseus Earrings:

Roseus Earrings at

Diamond earrings set in 18K gold, ruby stones give a refreshing splash of color in the Roseus earrings. 216 pieces of diamonds shimmer like stars in the moonlit night sky. Look enviable and adorn the pair of earrings over a sweetheart neck evening dress or gown. Keep your hair away from your ears and tie in an updo to flaunt your jewels the best.

3) Joohi Gold Bangles:

Joohi Gold Bangles at

Gold can never get old, then why shouldn’t you get yourself handcuffed in these elegant and contemporary gold bangles. Made from 22K gold, you’ll have florals and checks intricately crafted in these symbols of beauty. Ideal even for daily wear, it is versatile enough to go well with a saree or your favorite anarkali. Owing to its modern appeal, you may also wear it with a cocktail party western dress and let your hands do the talking.

4) Serta Ring:

Serta Ring at

What’s better than one made of 107 diamonds set in 18K gold? Serta ring is contemporary and ideal for the new-age woman who would want something modern yet elegant. With this ring, there’s no compromising- wear it everywhere, all your life!

5) Aamrapali Gold Necklace:

Aamrapali Gold Necklace at

India gets crazy about mangoes as summer approaches, and what’s better than it? Mango leaves in gold! This Aamrapali necklace is crafted from 22K of gold and is ideal for gifting for all occasions. Rather wear it yourself, with a white and gold lehenga, and let elegance speak volumes.

Precious stones and metals are like memories, once you make them, they can last a lifetime. Make memories and gift yourself a precious stone for each great one. After all, you’re worth it!

By: Akanksha Narang