Camping At Spykar Spaced Out Spirits

Spykar Spaced Out Spirits, the premier camping music festival in India with more than 300 tents booked had people flocking from Mumbai and parts of India, much to our surprise. Featuring artists spanning from folk to blues to unplugged covers. All of this bundled with an exciting camping experience, loads of fun and adventure activities.


FMW suggests don’t miss out on the Spykar Spaced Out Spirits camping experience next time and we’ll give you 3 reasons for the same:

  1. The Tents: The Quechua tents were extremely comfortable, warm and clean. They provided cosy quilt and air pillows. All-in-all, a very comfortable experience that felt like home away from home.

    Spykar Spaced Out Spirits Camping

    Spykar Spaced Out Spirits Camping

  2. Adventure Sports: Let me warn you that this territory is not for the faint hearted. Besides camping, music and beautiful scenic beauty, the Spykar Spaced Out Spirits had an entire set up of a wide range of adventure activities ranging from  ZipLine, Kayaking and Horse Riding.

    Spykar Spaced Out Spirits Adventure Sports

    Spykar Spaced Out Spirits Adventure Sports

  3. Campfire: As the night rose in its darkness just before dawn the bonfire would be lit to bring back the warmth not just in our cold feet but also in our hearts. I had the best time by the bonfire as people would gather around, sing songs, play guitar, share a cigarette. Suddenly, a feeling of being away from your home would get taken over by a feeling of togetherness as boundaries faded and people from different places became friends over a chilly night and warm campfire.

I met some amazing people, felt cosy in my warm tent, indulged in some delicious food and cocktails as well as got a free sun kissed tan. Catch all the unmentioned action of our journey on Twitter and Instagram  using hashtag #SpykarSOS

See you next at Spykar Spaced Out Spirits !

By: Jeremy Cabral

Photography By: Sanhita Paradkar

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