Be Fearless!

Love is what we were born with.

Fear is what we learned here.” ~Marianne Williamson

Have you ever encountered people in your life who are fearless and wondered if they were born that way? How is it that these people know no fear? But is that really the case. In my experience a brave man is not someone who knows no fears but the one who faces all his fears head on.

I describe fear as a cunning, baffling and powerful enemy of men who strive to gain great success. Fear can limit you in living a content life. It can stop us from applying for our dream jobs, or starting a creative project or even approaching a potential soul mate. Take a deep breath and tackle your fear you may be surprised to find that ‘it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be’ The only difference between people who achieve greatness and those who do not is that the former ditched their fear.

One thing I know for sure is you have the power to free yourself from the mental prison that fear creates. Anything worth having is worth working for, and you deserve to live fearless and free.

Here’s how you can take charge of your life and #befearless

Dress Confidently: Dressing well plays an important role is boosting your self-confidence. You can look your fashionable best without really burning a hole in your pocket. We stepped into Shoppers Stop to check out the autumn winter collection from multiple brands. We loved the unique collections from the in-house brands of Shoppers Stop. You must check out Vettorio Fratini‘s collection, it will instantly bring out the suave and dapper gentleman in you.

Meditation: A dedicated daily practice of stillness and silence strengthens your “be here now” muscle. Living more in this present moment will decrease fear generated “future tripping” into what hasn’t happened and “past tripping” into what no longer exists.

Fear is a feeling, not a fact: This is great news and comes as a surprise to most clients. Mortal fear is the only informed fear. If your life is in danger, the fight or flight response is adaptive and necessary. However, most of the time when your flight or fight response is activated, you are not in mortal danger.

A FMW Production and Arch Attire Production

Wardrobe Partner: Shoppers Stop

Story by: Jeremy Cabral | Shoot Concept: Swati Sharma | Photography: Sushant Sawant | 

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