‘Mission Makeover’ By Trinny And Sussanah

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After changing lives of millions around the globe, TLC’s makeover queens Trinny and Sussanah take up the big challenge of styling Indian men and women.

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TLC India team launched the show at ITC grand central in the presence of Trinny and Sussanah who aptly responded to the media queries. ‘Mission Makeover’ is not only a styling show it is a revolutionary mission to change Indian mindsets about the world of fashion.

Trinny and Susannah at the launch of Mission Makeover India Press Confer...

The fifteen contestants on the show are emotionally or physically disturbed and hence to fill them with confidence Trinny and Sussanah take up the big task of their makeover, which according to Trinny, was a challenge because they couldn’t ignore contestant’s preferences.

“Indian men think wearing colours is gay-ish and hence we’ve noticed guys stuck between blacks and whites in Mumbai” said Trinny and their big task was to break these clichés about men in colourful outfits.

‘Mission Makeover’ will not only focus on women but also pay special attention to men and their style. The show has been a hit internationally for seventeen years and one of the oldest shows on TLC worldwide.

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