The Flaming Lamborghini

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By: Team FMW

Fashion drives us into crazy whirlwinds all the time and cars do the same to boys. Bringing all you party animals the hottest favourite drink for both fashion and car lovers alike is The Flaming Lamborghini, a hit with some of the biggest names in the party circuit, FMW gets Mixologist, Arjun Chandra (Hype) to give you the right mix.

1 shot Kahlua
1 shot Bailey’s Irish Cream
1 shot Blue Curacao
1 shot Sambuca
A lighter (Arjun loves his Zippos!)

Flaming Lamborghini

-Layer Sambuca right on top of the Kahlua in a narrow glass real quick; the trick to getting this mix right is blending in the perfect quantities at the right time or else the alcohol starts to blend in, which should happen when you drink it and not in the glass.

-Then get two extra shot glasses and fill them up with Baileys in one and Blue Curacao into another.

-Place a straw into the layered Kahlua and Sambuca and ignite; the Sambuca lights up instantly. Then drink before straw melts and as last dregs of Sambuca are being drunk pour in baileys and Blue Curacao at the same time.

-They give you the instant refreshing buzz you need. Drink up quick, as the fire and extremely high alcohol content could be dangerous.

Happy partying!

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