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From the designer Aniket Satem comes Convent of chic’, a new range of clothing line highly inspired by geometrical patterns of the art deco movement. Inspired by raw attitude of streets and graffiti, the designer creates columnar silhouettes from suede, raw silk and beaded lace.

Convent of Chic Mood Board
Convent of Chic Mood Board

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The designer maintains synergy between bold and classy by the mix of blood red, cobalt, ink blue along with classic white and ebony. The zipper details and pinafore styles bring the cubic machinery of uniform chic life. The bold graphic patterns are blended with sober shades of white. Final touches of delicate lace make the outfits edgy yet feminine. For the days when you feel like experimenting with your style just wrap yourself in these Convent of Chic’ creations!

By: Saloni Raya

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