Shein is Coming Back to India

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Ladies, there’s Good News! Shein, the well-known online Chinese fashion retailer, is set to re-enter the Indian market in collaboration with Reliance Industries. The partnership aims to bring back the popular online fashion retailer and cater to the growing demands of Indian consumers. By teaming up with Reliance, Shein can leverage the conglomerate’s extensive network and established presence in India’s retail sector.

Shein is Coming Back to India 2023

Why was Shein Banned in India?

Shein was one of the 58 Chinese Apps that was banned in India three years ago. The ban imposed on Shein in the past was primarily driven by concerns related to national security and data privacy. The Indian government raised apprehensions regarding the app’s handling of user data and its potential implications for the country’s security. The key issue raised was the alleged unauthorized access to and misuse of personal data by the Shein app. There were concerns that user information was being shared with entities outside of India without adequate consent or protection measures in place.

The ban on Shein was also influenced by the government’s push for promoting domestic businesses and the ‘Make in India’ initiative. The Indian government sought to encourage local brands and manufacturers, aiming to boost the country’s economy and job creation.

How will Shein Come-back address the concerns of Indian Regulations?

To address these concerns and comply with Indian regulations, Shein has reportedly made changes to its business practices and data handling procedures. It has expressed its commitment to prioritizing data security, maintaining transparency, and adhering to local laws and regulations. It remains to be seen how Shein’s re-entry into India will be received by consumers and regulators. The company endeavors to rebuild its reputation and regain trust in the Indian market.

Why is India allowing Shein to come back to India in 2023?

Addressing the Indian government’s concerns about data security, the Shein-RRVL partnership ensures that Indian consumer information remains within India by isolating it from Shein’s global app.

India’s approval of the partnership between Shein and RRVL (Reliance Retail Ventures Limited) aligns with the country’s emphasis on promoting domestic economic growth. It will facilitate local production, job creation, and tax revenue generation. The timing of this partnership is advantageous as India is actively working on enhancing its textile manufacturing and research and development capabilities. Efforts include the establishment of large textile parks, incentives for manmade fiber apparel and fabrics, technical textiles, and support for export-oriented initiatives.

To reduce its reliance on China and facilitate global business expansion, Shein aims to diversify its supply chain and establish manufacturing facilities in Turkey.


The Shein-RRVL partnership prioritizes data security – a key concern for the Indian government, ensuring that Indian consumer information remains within India by isolating the Indian platform from Shein’s global app.

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