Cafe Ludus: A Literary and Foodie’s Haven

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Last week I was invited by the folks at Cafe Ludus to do a restaurant review. Located on the second floor of MGF Metropolitan mall in Saket, the entrance of this cafe doesn’t give you the slightest hint of what lies inside. Totally perplexed by its grandeur, I entered inside and was completely surprised.

Cafe Ludus
Cafe Ludus
Café Ludus Interior
Café Ludus Interior

Cafe Ludus is one of those places which irrespective of the food and ambience immediately gain brownie points for its infrastructure and interiors. Their staff then showed me the way to the mini library they have in one of the corners inside the cafe. And this was enough for me to fall in love with this place.

Ludus Exterior
Café Ludus Exterior

Reading my favourite magazine, I started my evening with a sangria and platter of quesadillas. Both equally delicious! As I sipped the sangria, one of their staff members suggested I check out their open lounge area as well. As soon as I stepped outside, I almost forgot that I was in New Delhi. Away from any noise, this place gives the feeling of sweet bliss. Booths set up with cane furniture and white curtains and soothing background music makes this a perfect spot for a romantic evening.

After taking the tour of their exterior, I came inside and ordered for a French Assiette for the main course. This dish comprising ratatouille vegetables served with grilled Cajun seasoned cottage cheese with a glass of white wine will please your palate, guaranteed.

So the next time you’re around Saket, I suggest you make your way to this cafe for a refreshing evening.

By: Isha Gupta

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