Keep Calm And Eat Pizza

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By: Roshni Raj

For the exciting weekend and the eventful festive moods that flow along, we have a special try out for our foodie readers. Everybody seems to be getting a little too hyper with all the Christmas delicacies being made, and our tummies don’t seem too happy about that.

So we wandered and tried out a new place in Mumbai. Located in the not so plush and posh regions of Mumbai, Pizza Metro Pizza in Bandra is a popular London chain of restaurant famed for their metre long pies. An average 12 inch comes at  INR 850, which have a very average to taste as compared to its fame from London; atleast not affordable enough to have us come back regularly.

Pizza Metro Pizza
Pizza Metro Pizza

Though on the yummy side, the Cicciobomba was faultless. Lightly sauced, thin slices of ham, mound with rose-pink discs of salami and well cooked juicy meatballs. Yummster. It was lightly sauced and heaped with rosy-pink discs of salami, thinly sliced ham and juicy beef meatballs. Cicciobomba is an explosion of flavour of all these ingredients combine together, perfect for an evening of gluttony.

Cicciobomba Pizza
Cicciobomba Pizza

The Rigatoni Melanzane e Ricotta pasta was coated in thick and creamy tomato and ricotta sauce along with fleshy pieces of aubergine which were commendably lip- smacking.

The Torta Caprese from the dessert menu is absolutely worth trying. A thick flourless chocolate and almond cake, highly textured as compared to usual sponge and mousse cakes, and also balancing the right amount of sugar levels. Polite service and well deserving 10% service charges, still leaves you a little weak in the pockets once you’re out of there.

A meal for two would approximately costs INR: 3000.

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