Once To Café Zoe, Always To Café Zoe

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By: Esther C

In the heartland of Mumbai’s famous mills and situated in a non-functional one, Café Zoe retains the rustic look and yet manages to appeal to the urban crowd.

Nestled at Mathurdas Mill compound (the same premises as Blue Frog), this café is open for all meals and offers an exceptionally appetising European treat. Bacon and eggs, salads, soups, fresh fruit juices, pancakes, steak, burgers, pastas and sandwiches are something you will find on its menu. The French fries are to die for. Also, the day’s special is like a test drive to check palate’ compatibility. The ones well appreciated by customers makes it to the menu.

One thing about this eatery is that it does not try to Indianise dishes. The food is highly authentic which they are very proud of. This is at the cost of irking a few patrons.

Soaking in the natural light during the day and free wi-fi, it makes for a great hangout to plan events, parties without suppressing your hunger pangs. Office-goers around the area could find this immensely convenient as the service is quick and hassle-free. You get what you are promised with a friendly smile.

They have tried to retain elements of the mill interiors with modern architecture. Unlike the usual cramped up cafes, this one is spacious and its interiors are minimalistic yet funky. Must say, it’s a perfect example of optimum use of space.

Firstly you must try Café Zoe for its relaxed interiors and then savour some great European-style delicacies.

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