In Conversation With The Moulin Rouge Troupe

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By: Sourendra Kumar Das

The very name of Moulin Rouge exudes French elegance. From its inception in 1889, it has evolved in many ways and entertains people world over. Recently, Accour and AirFrance brought the Moulin Rouge troupe “” Shaune Collard, Nora Mogalle, Natalie Sims, Popov Sergii and Sheherbak Nikolay “” to Mumbai. In conversation with them…

Q: What brings you to India and what do you love the most about India?
Natalie Sims: I am German, and have heard a lot about India and I am glad to get a chance to perform in this beautiful country. After this performance, I want to see the Taj Mahal in Agra.
Nora Mogalle: I am born English and always wanted to see India. I love Indian curry and the spicy food we get here. It is simply yummy!

Q: What does Moulin Rouge mean to you?
Popov Sergii & Sheherbak Nikolay: It is our life. We are from Ukraine and love performing for Moulin Rouge. By entertaining people, we are spreading happiness among many people.
Shaune Collard: Moulin Rouge takes you out of reality when you watch the performance. Its like you are living in a different world for those two hours. This is the same feeling when I perform on stage.

Q: How did you become a performer in Moulin Rouge?
Shaune Collard: As a child I loved dancing. I gave an audition for Moulin Rouge and was selected. But after the selection, it is actual hard work for next six weeks. When you go through rigorous training and then hit the floor, life begins.
Natalie Sims: I started dancing when I was two years. Somehow when I was 18, I went for the audition and my journey started since then.

Q: What do you do when you are not performing?
Shaune Collard: I love swimming and going to the gym. Maintaining my body is very important for me.
Natalie Sims: I love reading books and travelling.

Q: What next after Moulin Rouge?
Natalie Sims: I love dancing so much and wish I could never retire. But after a certain age (usually mid-30s), you cannot dance the tough dance steps. You have to sit back and give a chance to the younger lot. I would love to open a dance academy after I retire.
Shaune Collard: I too want to teach and become a choreographer. Future plans will be related to dance for sure.

Q: A message for our readers…
Shaune Collard: You have just one life, live it to the fullest.
Natalie Sims: Do what you want to do in life, not what everyone else is doing.
Nora Mogalle: Be happy and spread happiness.
Popov Sergii & Sheherbak Nikolay: Give life everything and you will get everything you want from life.

On that sweet note we ended the chat and headed for lunch. If you haven’t seen Moulin Rouge, you certainly have missed something. And if you happen to watch their performance, once won’t be enough.

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