Ode to Beauty

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“Who gave thee, O Beauty, / The keys of this breast,”” / Too credulous lover / Of blest and unblest?

Say, when in lapsed ages / Thee knew I of old; / Or what was the service / For which I was sold?

When first my eyes saw thee, / I found me thy thrall, / By magical drawings, / Sweet tyrant of all!

I drank at thy fountain / False waters of thirst; / Thou intimate stranger, / Thou latest and first!

Thy dangerous glances / Make women of men; / New-born, we are melting / Into nature again.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I have often thought that beauty is something light and sweet that fills the air with happiness and pleasure. Beauty is something one cannot control, and that comes without warning. Beauty is the little details of nature, such as an acorn or how a wave is shaped.  Beauty is everywhere, throughout all living things; but at the same time it is like some far away fairytale that isn’t quite tangible for mankind. Yet beauty is always there to make an impression. Beauty exists in all things, but only touches some and when beauty touches someone or something, it is changed forever.

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Women are an epitome of beauty. An ode to beauty is personified in the form of a woman. Women exemplify a poetic fusion of dramatic style, traditional mystique and raw charisma, all sewn together with the fine hem of eternal elegance. Odes are made for women who know exactly what they want. They exude glamour and haute attitude to compliment these odes. Their elegance and simplicity create the perfect exquisite artistic aesthetic.

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Jewellery is truly an extension of a woman’s subtle inner-self in an outward manner using the visual language of design. The magic of jewellery gives a preciousness to form that transforms a woman into her true, beautiful self. Jewels for a woman is about communicating her innermost expression in visual form; it reflects and communicates her personality, first to herself and then unto others. It is different for men; when a man buys jewellery for his woman, he sees it as the reflection of the woman’s outer personality.

At Minawala they start with a profound understanding of customers and trends, a commitment to quality and the team’s expertise in creating artistic statement jewels. They are keen on creating manifestation and breathing example of renowned fashion ideology Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.’ The brand promises to make you stand out, by making you sophisticated and elegant, featuring an antique aesthetic blended with the contemporary.

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Minawala offers private bridal appointments & home shopping to all patrons. Bride-to-be’s and their families are attended by the head designer and the jewellery trousseau is carefully designed and crafted keeping in consideration the personality of the bride. Each jewel at Minawala is personalized and unique to each customer. No designs are repeated, so much so that no two stores of Minawala have the same collection. Each store houses an exclusive collection. Minawala is largely about adapting to a moment in high-end fashion when personal taste and individuality “” not conformity “” are the ultimate badges of cool. It’s all about understated luxury! Minawala jewellery feels distinctive and has a halo of great craftsmanship.

You can view their collection on the website www.minawala.com, or contact the stores at 09029500111.

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“Thee gliding through the sea of form, / Like the lightning through the storm,

Somewhat not to be possessed, / Somewhat not to be caressed,

No feet so fleet could ever find, / No perfect form could ever bind. / Thou eternal fugitive, / Hovering over all that live,

Quick and skilful to inspire / Sweet, extravagant desire, / Starry space and lily-bell / Filling with thy roseate smell,

Wilt not give the lips to taste / Of the nectar which thou hast.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

 A FMW Production

Conceptualized and Written by: Nazm Saigara | Model: Nazm Saigara | Jewellery: Minawala | Ensemble: Amara Couture |Photographer: Mrinmai Parab | Assistant Photographer: Sushant Sawant | Shoot Manager: Bhavya Kotian | Makeup and Hair: Jean-Claude Biguine

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