The 2013 Fashion Resolution List

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By: Roshni Raj

Beginning of the month and all our bank accounts look very happy and full indeed. And our hearts overwhelmed with the joy of anticipating lot’s of fashion and shopping! Everybody’s asking us to get over the moustaches but how can we when Zara comes out with such an adorable pair of loafers that look like this :-0

Zara Moustache Slipper Loafer
Zara Moustache Slipper Loafer

We’re kicking off today with the top five fashion fixes that we are adding to the 2013 resolution list.

1. Carpe diem: Since we are all young and happy, we have decided to let you seize the opportunity and make the bold and risky choices in fashion this year. Falling in love with intrepid and gallant prints and colours, your wardrobe shall shine a brighter shade.

2. Out of the box and through the window: We are sick and tired of mothers complaining about chappals’ and we decided to get rid of them from now on. Instead find easy and comfortable pair that looks pleasingly prettier and smarter than bathroom slippers. And probably make it mandatory to lift our feet and walk than the lazy drag them till your soles give up’.

3. Get over bad hair days: It’s either time for brave and sleazy haircuts that comes with zero maintenance or thrash even the slightest thought of being ok with bad hair days’. It’s the least we can do to keep it stylish throughout. Okay!

4. Comprehend the need and differentiate between the want: No don’t worry, we’re not asking you to shop wisely. We’re talking about the heaps of clothing lying at the back of your cupboards that show no sign of being worn or thrown. So take this opportunity to get rid of them. Charity feels really good. Even with a pair of shoes. We promise. Try it!

5. Smile more. Pose more. Pout more. The rest will follow!

Hello New Year. Hello New You.

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