Top 3 Chic Holiday Looks

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Summer has descended upon us ““ the perfect excuse to pack those bags and ditch the city along with its wardrobe norms. Here’s how to ace top trends while on holiday.

The thumb-rules for staying stylish while on holiday are eternal ““ keep it low maintenance, light (excess baggage fees ruin the holiday early on) and somewhat universal, or classic. Of course, you will want to bring in hints of the hottest trends ““ we show you how to do it.


Boho-chic on the beach 

An easy-going style is best when you’re out enjoying the sun, sand and sea. A Bohemian look will allow you to wear current trends like flowing silhouettes, sheer fabrics, punk jewellery and colour blocks. Step one is to invest in a good-looking bathing suit. As the trend has caught on, there’s loads of styles to choose from, for every body type. Splurge on a Shivaan & Narresh piece ““ the brand promises to make every body type look good, or simply wade through your city’s boutiques to find an option that you’ll be comfortable sauntering around in. Next up comes the cover-ups. “Kaftans are a good option,” says Designer Gayatri Khanna.

Trends emerging from the west point to high-waist shorts or even loose tops, teamed with a cropped jacket worn over a bikini ““ all well coordinated. “High-waist shorts will definitely work for a slender body type,” says Khanna adding that if you find the matching jacket a tad bit tedious, a scarf would be a good option.

Throw in spike-laden hairbands and cocktail rings and necklaces, bracelets and sandals embellished with studs to complete the look.

Colour pop for popping bottles

Gayatri Khanna’s tip for the party-vacationer sits well with the monochrome trend. “LBDs and the new little white dress are smart, safe options to carry into a new city,” she says. Good point, as you might be unaware of local style and would not want to stand out unfavourably. The trick is to travel light while having a variety of looks ““ in Khanna’s opinion, this isn’t difficult to achieve. Her suggestion is to carry a few colourful pairs of heels and loads of malleable accessories that can each give a different spin to a given outfit. It is easy to stay on-trend with this look by simply throwing in a couple of collar necklaces ““ which will add colour and character to your little black or white numbers, a variety of excitingly-hued cocktail rings and wrist-accessories to stick with last year’s stacked look that has carried on into 2013 and appears to be here to stay.

Swathed on the slopes

Heat driving you to a hillstation break? Even assuming it will be not quite as heavy-duty as a ski break, you will most necessarily be wrapped up in layers of clothes to stay warm.

You will want to look less bulky so skip track-pants for thicker pairs of coloured jeans or floral pants. Take cues from the French on the variety of ways to tie a scarf ““ don’t simply throw it on. “Pick a base colour like grey, black or khaki,” Khanna says.  ”You can keep your shirts and sweaters bright but the general advice is to pick a neutral for your jacket, boots and scarf so that you don’t end up looking mismatched. The cold will actually also allow you to ace the leather, PVC trends and faux fur that we have little opportunity to attempt in India’s otherwise warm weather. Keep your choices sophisticated and feminine.” She also advises carrying along interesting vests: “A vest over a simple tee can keep you warm while adding some style and structure to your look,” she explains.

By Raynah Coutinho

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