Let’s Get Shady!

By: Roshni Raj

Shredding off the winter mist, we love the sun-kissed moments in this freezing cold. And weaving back in style to accompany such sunny days is our pick of the best sunglasses to own this season. With spring gone, we’re kinda tired of the flowery coloured ones that almost everyone seems to be obsessed with. So we soothed and sobered the prints and hues, to pick the most desired ones from the lot.

We’re always game for a little quirky and ‘hatke’ style and what better than these. Shattering the cliché of Ray Bans and Wayfarers, this one’s quite the boxy affair by Oakley Valentino Rossi Deviation Men’s Special Editions Signature Series. Light and sleek, this oozes style with a dash of something naughty.

Oakley Valentino Rossi

Not many have actually discovered how sexy cat eye frames are. Spotted on rare personals, we couldn’t take our eyes or hearts off them. Screaming fun, smart and impeccably stylish, cat eye frames in different shades and prints leave us spellbound and surprised it hasn’t flourished on the streets yet.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Interestingly, no matter how fancy and comfortable these glasses are, they do get a little irritating after long wear. But after extensive surveys and research, we found a spacious and airy one with plenty of room for the nose that also covers the eyes well. We are quite flattered by the idea and the design is as pleasing. Brownie points!