Seven Fashion Sins

Listen up guys! We know fashion and men are two oxymorons or at least a lot of men out there believe in this cliche. But we at fmw totally disagree and want to save you guys from walking out like a fashion faux pas. Here are seven deadliest fashion sins committed by men:

Cargo Pants: Boys! We’re no more in the year 1997 and women don’t really get impressed seeing those ill fitted pants with unlimited pockets.Put those pants to good use by making some smart male totes out of them, maybe?

Socks in male sandal and boat shoes: Yes, socks are classy when paired with the right shoes, but you need to realize socks and male sandals are a deadly combo.

Socks and Sandals

Wrap around Shades: Blocking the sun in style might be difficult, but not impossible. Wearing those Terminator or Men in Black shades are just going to add more disasters to your wardrobe. Rather pick up some vintage wayfarers and beat the heat in style.

Wrap around shades

Square-toed shoe: It’s almost impossible to like a guy wearing those huge ape-foot sized shoes! Instead opt for semi pointed shoes.

V-neck T-shirts: It’s highly amateur for guys to wear the V-neck t-shirts. Women don’t really get flattered seeing the male cleavage. Time to cover up guys!

V-neck T-shirts

Knee-length denim shorts: Wearing denim shorts is not a sin, but if the shorts barely reach your knees then you’re wearing your girlfriend’s hot pants! A safe fashion trick would be to completely avoid denim shorts.

Knee-length denim shorts

Pleated Pants: You don’t have to be able to do cartwheels in your pants so why buy those ugly-fit pleated pants?

Pleated Pants

Not everyone is at the level of dressing like George Clooney, but a few changes in your wardrobe will surely make you stand out in the crowd!

By: Saloni Raya

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