Bring Out The Child In You

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No matter what level of a Goldfish you are with the weakest memory, can you ever forget your childhood days? It’s said that irrespective of your age, you always have that one corner in your heart that wishes to be pampered and spoilt like a child.

FMW says, why not celebrate the child in you this Children’s Day and let it come out of the closet-literally?

1)      Party like a kid:

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We have all grown up watching Disney characters, the Mickey Mouse and the Minnie Mouse. And if nothing, these adorable characters have only grown on us further, with Disney Fashion’s latest collection available in stores now. Dress up like the Mouse Duo-and let the child out. Go ahead paint the town in Candy!

 2)      Indulge your sweet tooth:


You have the perfect excuse to be carefree as a child and cheat your diet a little. Don’t watch your waist today. Eat as much of the M & Ms, Hershey’s Kisses, cupcakes and muffins as you want on Children’s Day. You can always hit the gym later! Be the devil you’ve been dying to be.

 3)      Watch an animated movie:


In today’s world of Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached, where is the true, undying romance? In Disney movies, we say! Order a DVD and get some Chinese take-away food, and watch your favourite Disney Princess come live on your TV set. FMW will watch Tangled, which one will you watch? Do tell.

 4)      Decorate your room:


A child’s room is a child’s room- no tensions are allowed inside. Sleep like a baby on Mickey Mouse bed sheet. Bring out all your favourite toys from childhood. Cuddle on the bed with your best stuffed friend from the good old days. And while the world’s always mad and chaotic outside, you will be retiring in the best of moods, tired from having time-travelled all the way to your childhood.

More than anything else, this will be the best stress-busting therapy you can get. Do tell us your favourite childhood memories. We’d love to know! xx

By: Akanksha Narang

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