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By: Team FMW

Bandra’s is known for its nightlife and the extravaganza it creates to be known as the heart of this city and we have special additions to it now! Recently opened and we heard voices raving about this party chic resto there. Shockk is the gigantic area which overlooks the busy streets of spread on two levels with a mix of old world and art deco all through the contemporary 14000 square feet area.

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With interiors creating the Italian air with an influential Mediterranean inspired chandelier at the bar, the relaxing and spaciously laid back seating arrangement is a charmer for those long party nights in heaven high heels. With the options for a private and VIP seating the entire lounge is done up in warm tones of gold and brown which is complimented with comfortable and warm suede seats in black.

Naveen Prem and Mohammed Fasih of Shockk
Naveen Prem and Mohammed Fasih of Shockk

Brownie points for the welcoming nature that this club holds, we are inspired by their effort to encourage upcoming artists a platform to showcase their talent. With the biggies from their fields of expertise showing off mind blowing efficiency in their skills, we eves dropped and spotted the 13 years of worthy experienced legend Chef Bhoopendra Bohra talking about the menu. He says, “The menu is innovative with a touch of traditional cooking. The food is a reflection of Oriental, Italian, &French influences.”

The owners and probably the most hospitable couple were awarded commendable remarks for their grace and humbleness at the opening. “We wanted a lively bar and great food. Shockk has a universal vibe to eat, lounge, drink and groove.”
Guests like Bharat Shah, Shama Sikander and Alex, Hard Kaur and many more were seen grooving on the dance floor while the DJ spun his way through the night.

Shockk with its great ambience and penchant for hospitality is an experience to reckon with. With a designated dining, bar and banquet areas. The turntables promise to churn great music, lively bar tenders, live kitchen and scrumptious delicacies makes this resto lounge a perfect place to eat, drink and party.

So, see you there tonight?

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