Dress Your Best At The Sula Fest

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By: Roshni Raj

With less than five days to go for the extravagant and relishing Sula wine festival, we ravish our wardrobes to set and rev up the monotony.  The top three must haves in your kitty that weekend are these!

GownsFlowy gowns are always a delight and we can’t imagine going wine tasting without them. Pants somehow jostle their way out of our minds but the morocco soujourns and hackneyed clichés of dressy contemporary spun gowns are mind blowing. We can only recollect what Priyanka Chopra wore in Fashion. Yellow and shiny, we are always game for happy. We picked our favourite fresh off the ramp. Like? Or love?

Pummelled by the waves of swooning and soothing sun, we prepare our bags for the best. What better than these to go with the femme fatale signature fabrics. We realised how done and over we are with over sized frames dangling on our noses, so we picked a more classy and light one in neutral shades to help us blend in.


Scarves! How can we miss out on this one? We’re thinking on the lines of something more like Serena Vanderwoodesen, maybe? Since she was spotted sporting the summer scarves look along with another gorgeous favourite, Rachel Bilson, we are totally gorging this style. What have also caught our attention are the hats in Aisha’s polo match. Classy and dressy, or a bit too much for wine festival?


Send us your favourites and we’ll come spot you there!

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