Spring Summer Celebrations!

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By: Roshni Raj

This season, Pipa + Bella, bring together a series of collections to celebrate Spring time. From Turkish delights to Retro renegade, Pipa + Bella is launching 7 very different collections, ensuring there is something for every personality, whether you’re a Pipa or a Bella.

Inspired by everything around them, Pipa+Bella’s co founders, Shuchi Pandya and Komal Goel, feel that jewellery is a reflection of one’s personality, stemming from past experiences. As well as studying the current international trends, the Pipa+Bella team are focused on producing collections that emit emotion, giving confidence to anyone who wears it. Each piece is designed to be unique, comfortable, well made and simply gorgeous. Inspired by a multiplicity of experiences anything from a walk down the Bhosporus River to a fondest childhood memory inspires the collections curated each season. Pipa+Bella’s jewellery uses a multitude of different materials, such as beads, resin and mixed metals.

A range of collections starting with daring pieces that are linear, edgy and inspired by triangular shapes aptly titled Cutting Edge. Whilst Retro Renegade is motivated by more circular and oval shapes it is also very bold and unique in making a statement. The delicate pieces are as equally important for SS ’13 proving pastels and sorbet colours to be still popular this season and prominent in Dressed to Empress, Spring Fling and the Bejewelled collections.

Club Couture’ night in collaboration with one of best offered E commerce website Style fiesta is aimed at a fun fashionable night for all those fashionistas. With a wide collection showcase, food, drinks and promised amusement, this happens tonight at Amadeus, NCPA in Nariman Point. See you there?

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