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By: Roshni Raj

We’re bringing brown back in style. When you walk into a club and place your elbow smoothly on the bar-top, rehearsing the best pick up line you’ve ever got and carrying that vicious heart wrenching smile, we noticed one more thing that can add to this beast look. Boys, this is one of your chances to blow the money you’ve saved up. Three of this season’s hottest brown watches that put the rest to shame; are here to burn that hole in your pockets in a completely guilt free-feel sexy environment.

Walk in like a Boss. Yes, you got this one right. One of the sleekest designs we’ve ever been doomed with love by. Absolutely outraging the simplicity and smartness, the brown uneven textured strap with the black dial is sublime.


Baume Et Mercier. Screeching out the manly face within, the size, colour and texture are totally making up for it. The oversized black dial with the subtly yet noticeable silver rim is a worker for every man’s wrist size and the brown leather strap is the colour of the season and a plus point. Be warned, the situation might just turn around to be She wants your money’ kind of a thing.

Baume et mercier

Reining the kingdom of luxury and sophistication, how can we not love them? Though it belongs to the black strap family with a golden rim, the base brown shade for the dial is convincing enough to be a complete winner in this category.


The pitch perfect size and evident showcase of the name Cartier, this one’s definitely a sucker for fame and class, yes?

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