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Our heart skips a beat when it comes to marvelling eye catches like these:

The Kardashian sisters are making the news again. It’s not just their gossip and drama but the extravagant clothing line that shines their way today. We heard a little tattle about them taking over England with their fabulous and well priced Kollection for Dorothy Perkins. We’ve already begun making some space in our party wardrobe and building our relations with loved ones abroad for mercilessly shipping of this fabulous compilation.

Poppy D

Contemporary and collective Vero Moda has found their fresh faces for this season and she is as stunning as it gets. Poppy Delivingne, British model is all merriment to be the face of this moniker brand. BFF with the absolutely gorgeous Seinna Miller and one of the remarkably powerful muse of Marc Jacobs and Matthew Williams, Poppy is striking the Indian minds and popularity buzz with the exquisite charm. Fresh and beautiful, we can’t wait to see her on the covers.

Suman Bajaj definitely understands the hassles of handling the Indian saree and the brilliant mind has worked its way to perfection. Pockets in sarees adorn the elegance and ethnicity of the Indian culture also adding to the convenience and comfort. Isn’t this one of things we desperately needed?

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