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By: Roshni Raj
Fog is a phenomenon in Mumbai. At least for us, Mumbaikars, it is. We love waking up to misty mornings. But what keeps up the glee is our exciting attire for the day and the food lined up to keep the tummy bouncing.

Sonam Kapoor In Yogesh Chaudhary Digital Printed Saree

We flesh out the idea of standing out in ethnic wear too. So we got our outfit set to the mood for a retro Upper East Side glam desi Sonam Kapoor style. After weeks of convincing our tailors that stitching this isn’t rocket science, we found this explicit design billowed by signature fabric and created this little piece of immaculate magnificence. Conceited that we haven’t left any kind of hint for staggering achievement in colours, prints, cut outs, pretty pleats and surprising sheers, the aura of the drapes makes for a high fashion statement.
Experiment with hues of colour and texture, but we adore this diva for unlocking ravishing and fearless fashion. We picked out accessories from the streets and yes, we found the best of bejewelled footwear and handbags. Embarking popular moods, we swathed in the cliché yet awe inspiring pinned up hair to blend in the costume and look like a, what they call it “” desi pataka!

And foodies, sweet tooth is just an excuse to binge on the array of ladoos, but we are also game for desi khana. With mouth watering menus and finely symptomatic delicacies, Mumbai has its own spread of new restaurants opened up. Check them out and tell us which of them left you wanting for more!

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