Hometown Cafe: Now We Talking Good Food


By Esther C

This one doesn’t disappoint. Malaysian food has always caught my fancy and this one takes the cake. There could be two reasons for this. One: Not many restaurants offering this cuisine which cuts my options for comparison to nearly 90%. Two: the food is exceptionally good. Well, in this case, it is the food combined with the simplicity of the menu. Yes, this one has attracted me because of its simplified menu with pictures of most dishes.

For any restaurant to get attention, ambience matters. And this fits the bills. Yellow lights with comfortable seats, great chartbusters in the background and an inviting bar. The attending staff is quite hospitable too. I know that’s a given according to their job profile but believe me, sometimes you can get real mean ones too.
Now for their food, there’s just one word ““ mind blowing! I must admit one portion of the main course was enough for a glut like me. I choose a vermicelli-based dish with prawns and fish, and it was simply amazing.Vermicelli is synonymous with kheer but to have it in your main course sans the sweetness was a pleasant revelation.
A meal for two costs something around Rs600 (excluding alcoholic drinks). A total paisa vasool for foodies. Overall this is a must-visit.

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