I Love Chocolates & I’m On A Diet

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Ever had a feeling of something melting in your mouth that makes your knees go wiggly? The ‘taste a donut you make’ event at the M-O-D outlet made that happen to me. Ah! the scent of freshly made donuts freshly baked warm bread and melting gooey chocolate arose a sugar rush in me which I can’t put in words.
The Invite
The Invite
The staff seemed to bar no holds to show their absolute affection for their mother brand, with roaring cheers of MOD hip hip hurray doing the rounds ever so often, one possibly couldn’t contain the child within them. Everyone joined in and then there came along a moment where we made memories- the kind where we realised that in the mad rush of our lives we took that moment to let go, pause and enjoy. Next in the line up was the “decorate the donut” gala affair. For the record, did I mention they had a JELLY TOPPING? NO? Oh my god, Yes!
The organisers were brilliant planners, angels maybe who read my mind and granted all those secret wishes and chocolate dipped fantasies I ever had. The only true complaint I have though, is the AMOUNT of chocolate they had around. How- I mean seriously, HOW is someone supposed to be on a diet?! And then they blame the innocent puppy faced ones like me with chocolatey smileys for being in a relationship with food. Hmph.
But truly, with a  COO like that of MOD Mr. Tarak Bhattacharya who made his presence felt, socialised and personally greeted all his guests with the proudest smile, afterall who wouldn’t like being a part of this yummy brand?
Mr. Tarak Bhattacharya COO Mad Over Donuts
Mr. Tarak Bhattacharya COO Mad Over Donuts
Oh and how dare i forget the paparazzi? Even though the photographers barely gave me time to get camera ready, my self made FMW donut was getting all the love that it deserved. Overall the event was well pulled off and quite an experience. Well at least I now know to frost a donut all by myself-courtesy MOD.
Heaving a heavy sigh, that’s all from my donut platter really. But with events like these, I’m losing my chance to ever be on a diet. Blah, who am I kidding! Anyway way to go MOD, last roar hip hip hurray to you!
By: Akshata Narayan
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