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We’re so sad its Friday. We wish it was Monday already! Said NO ONE in history, ever! Its Finally Friday, the day we’ve been looking forward to ever since Monday came along; and if you’re sketching a plan to go out and have a few drinks with the gals or get drunk with the boys, we’ve got you covered, its time to pull out your best ensemble, loosen that hair tie and unpack those new shoes you picked up, cause its time to go party
the sassy style!

Head to The Sassy Spoon, which is owned by Rachel Goenka who conveys to all the food lovers that their  cuisine is best described as “eclectic European” and features influences from Mediterranean, Asian & Indian cuisines, infused with a sassy’ twist. They host an extensive range of beverages curated by their in-house mixologist. If beer runs through your veins, then you’ve found your new beer bank! Their array of flavored beers are a must try, they incorporate flavors as compelling as khatta, lemongrass, sol kadi
and passion fruit.
In case you are feeling adventurous, and want sip on a cocktail, the only thing better than a margarita is two of them. The Puxico’ is simply going to refresh your friyay palette with the strong blend of tequila, a trio of orange liqueurs, guava and a hint of chilli hence, rising your spirits and vitalizing you for the weekend.

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For those of you heading to have an exceptional meal, for entrée a must-have is the black bean prawn roll'”” its like a blessing wrapped in spinach, inviting you to unravel and devour them as swiftly as you could. The mouth-watering porcini spiced lamb seekh kebab is a winner, the sour cream that compliments it is definitely a match made in heaven.

Moving on to the mains, if you walk out without encountering their pork ribs in a house smoked bbq sauce, you’ve technically not had a meal at all. From the flavours to the textures, the ribs have em all. For all you keto lovers, you could opt for the paprika and
celery grilled chicken.

Once you’ve covered your meals and you have no room for dessert the table next to you plays cupid and you end up ordering the sticky toffee pudding. It renders just the right amount of warmth and sugar you need.

If you ought to have a splendid time, they do host events like Williams in Love, The Sass Saturday Bar Night where you could unwind, relax, play a game of beer pong and jenga with friends, and have a fab time.

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Story by: Adelle Rodrigues | Edited by: Esther Cabral | Graphic Design: Vritti Gala

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