Latest Top 5 places in Goa to party like a Hippie

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Goa, the coastal paradise along the western shores of India, has long been a refuge for free spirits seeking vibrant beaches, lively music, and an atmosphere that encourages self-expression. Amidst the myriad experiences this tropical haven offers, Goa’s hippie culture stands out as a beacon of free love, creativity, and uninhibited revelry. If you’re ready to let loose and dance to the rhythm of your own heartbeat, here are the top five places in Goa where you can party like a true hippie, including the recently emerged gems. Here are the top 5 party places in Goa.

HillTop: Where Psychedelic Dreams Come True

top5 party places in Goa

For an authentic psychedelic experience, HillTop in Vagator has been a fixture in Goa’s party scene since the 1970s. And it still makes it to our list of top 5 party places in Goa. Surrounded by lush greenery and overlooking the Arabian Sea, this open-air venue is a sanctuary for those who want to dance under the moonlight to the beats of renowned international and local DJs. The energy is infectious, and the atmosphere is electrifying, making it a must-visit destination for any hippie at heart.

Riva Resort: A Hidden Oasis of Tranquil Hippie Vibes

Nestled away from the bustling crowds, Riva Resort offers a secluded haven for those seeking a more intimate hippie experience. With its laid-back atmosphere, live music, and ethereal beachfront setting, Riva Resort Mandrem has quickly become a favorite among free spirits looking to escape the mainstream and connect with like-minded individuals.

Leopard Valley: Where Nature Meets Nightlife

top 5 party places in Goa

Situated in the serene Palolem region, Leopard Valley is a unique outdoor venue that seamlessly blends nature with nightlife. Surrounded by dense forests and a natural valley, this venue hosts epic party places in Goa featuring world-class DJs. The experience at Leopard Valley is otherworldly, with the sound of music reverberating through the trees, creating an unforgettable fusion of natural beauty and pulsating beats.

House of Chapora: Bohemian Chic by the Chapora River

Overlooking the picturesque Chapora River, House of Chapora is a bohemian chic venue that captures the essence of Goa’s hippie culture. With its eclectic décor, live music, and a menu that caters to diverse tastes, this venue invites revelers to immerse themselves in a world of artistic expression. The laid-back charm and breathtaking views make House of Chapora a perfect spot for those who appreciate the fusion of modern comforts and the timeless spirit of the hippie movement.

Love Temple: A Spiritual Journey Through Music

Taking inspiration from its name, Love Temple in Vagator is a one-of-a-kind venue that offers a spiritual journey through music and dance. The open-air setting, adorned with vibrant artwork, creates an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Love Temple’s commitment to fostering a sense of community and unity through music makes it a must-visit for those looking to connect with their fellow free spirits.


In the vibrant tapestry of Goa’s nightlife, the spirit of the hippie movement continues to thrive, and these five places, including Riva Resort, House of Chapora, Love Temple, Leopard Valley, and the iconic HillTop, showcase the diverse facets of this culture. Whether you choose to dance under the moonlight at HillTop, find serenity at Riva Resort, or embark on a spiritual journey at Love Temple, Goa invites you to embrace your inner hippie and celebrate life in a kaleidoscope of colors and rhythms. So, pack your tie-dye shirts, let your hair down, and get ready to experience the timeless magic of Goa’s hippie culture.

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