Colour Me Red

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By: Roshni Raj

While we brood over the idea of Valentine’s Day, seldom do we find flawlessly appealing and ravishing Red’ that blows your mind. And surprisingly enough, we are compelled to choose clothing and accessories smothered in the colour Red for that day. Not anymore! The disasters of bathing in the colour of love just to prove the wholeheartedness within you is definitely not the pickup line for 21st century peeps. We bring you the twist in love’ which will guide you through your wardrobe to find the best of fashion for that amorous outing. And we break our ennui to find just one glamorous outfit for the ladies and one for the lads. But, we do have two other exciting things to finish off the best! 

Keeping the element of red, we opt for a young girly look. Try the Red belted skater skirt that will seal the deal. High waisted with a thin belt which highlights the slim waist, flowy ends (to hide heavy bottoms) and the perfect shade of red. Bliss in disguise, we call it. We like sleeved thin pullovers or a plain ¾ sleeve body hugging black top to go with this number.


Red Belted Skater Skirt
Red Belted Skater Skirt

Simple on the top and war of the accessories! We couldn’t resist wanting to adorn this absolutely stunning neck piece that we stumbled on Ebay. The blend of black and gold is a complete winner and look, they have matching earrings too! (you can probably skip either to avoid too much jewellery trafficking

Whoever dismissed the whole idea of red with red probably could never fathom the vastness existing in the fashion universe. We take on the challenge and bring you the drop dead beauty, Prada’s very own Mary-Jane’s. Wouldn’t all this be wholly termed as living in wonderland’?


You can definitely feel like Alice now. [Don’t be disappointed boys! We bring you the ultimate watch outs for Valentine’s Day in our story tomorrow. Stay tuned!]

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