Fancy Lingerie For Your Festive Indulgence

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It’s December, the holiday season has begun and you see sappy couples enjoying their own sweet sappy moment- and there you are, all single. The one thing common among many single ladies is that we don’t buy fancy lingerie, well because nobody does see it, right? No ladies, pamper yourself, indulge in some sexy lingerie- feel your sexiest best or else chances are you’ll remain single forever.

FMW explored some lingerie stores and found some that would make you folks fiercely sensuous. Afterall, we are princesses, empresses, queens and Goddesses- mediocrity just won’t do!

Sensuous Angel:

La Senza
La Senza

This white ethereal set of brassiere and knickers by La Senza won’t leave you feeling less than a Goddess. Go all white; add a little sheer, a little bling and you will look like the moon-so enchanting, so unattainable yet desirable.

Spice up with black:

La Senza
La Senza

Black lingerie is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. But do we need the same old typical black lingerie? Where’s the fun in that? Spice up your blacks in this La Senza Hello Sugar Black set with contrast white lace detailing on it. It also has a racer back- incase you are planning to bring sexy back! This one’s gonna get you atleast a New Year’s Eve date- sexy in the front, sexy in the back! He’ll just be left staring.

Babydoll, aren’t you?

Where are you on your sexy meter right now? Increase it up a notch with this babydoll with mousse cups available at Crafted from sensitive lace and adorned with Swarovski crystals and Victorian floral pattern- this is something you should definitely keep in your wardrobe. Who knows when it might come handy?

Get set corset!

Go red this December, and wear your corset in red! This red blaconette corset from the precious range of is made from superfine breathable microfiber with a few Swarovski crystals thrown in between the cups.

Choose your corset from an array of red ones available at just one click on at very affordable prices. FMW’s favourite one is the red lace corset which plays a sheer and solid look. A few bows added and you look sexy and feminine.



Whether you are single or taken- always remember to romance yourself, to take pride in your body! If you love yourself, people will love you! Go ahead, indulge Ladies!

When was the last time you bought fancy lingerie for yourself? Holidays are here, get started! xx

By: Akanksha Narang

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