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When we see men in their Halloween costumes, with blood smears on their face, looking like ghastly creatures, we realise why women and men are literally planets apart. Any lady would admit, even while dressing for Halloween, she would want to look sexy-scary rather than ugly-scary while men feel a sense of enjoyment dressing up like a monster for Halloween. What can we say? Boys will be boys!

With Halloween just around the corner, we must hurry up and decide on a look. For those of us, who love on screen horror, and make note of even the tiniest detail of their favourite horror/thriller movies, why not live the movies? Dress up your spookiest best, taking inspiration from our favourite horror muses.

Orphan: Who can ever forget the evil Esther? You can look as innocently evil as her in a checked knee length dress. Heta Bhuta, a fashion expert, having been associated with Vogue, Grazia, Harper’s Bazaar, also working closely with StyleCracker as fashion co-ordinator, would prefer dressing up as Esther. Heta decodes the look, “If you are petite, this is the perfect look for you. Put on a knee length tweed dress with peter pan collar preferably in blue colour. Throw on a pair of Mary Janes with stockings. Wear pale flawless make up with a touch of peach on the lips. Part your hair and tie two low pig tails. Secure with black ribbons. Don’t forget to tie maroon velvet ribbons on your wrists and neck to complete the look. Carry a knife in your pocket and scare anyone who refuses to give you candy!”

Evil Esther from the Orpan
Evil Esther from the Orpan

This dress from Zara can be a close match :

The Stepford Wives:

In today’s busy life, women have aims, ambitions and we are always multi-tasking! How on earth can one be so perfect, almost mechanical? It was such a cute movie, with all those women looking like cupcakes! Dress up like these tampered-with, mechanical Stepford wives for Halloween this year. Get these looks by wearing their signature floral dress in pastel shades or bright shades looking like gleaming rays of sun shine. Get some mousse on your hair, and style them into perfect curls. Don’t forget to rose-tint your cheeks and lips. Lady-like hat, strappy stilettos and you won’t need anything else to look as mechanical as the Stepford Wives!

Stepford Wives
Stepford Wives

How about this floral dress from ShopImagine?

Black Swan:

This one is our favourite of all! Natalie Portman looked sensuous as a black swan ballet dancer. It would be difficult to find a feather tutu dress or a skirt; hence a black lace dress would do just fine. The most important part of the look would be the eyes- the elongated, dark, feather make-up extending uptil your eyebrows is the sexiest part of the black-swan look! Red bloody lips and a black tiara on your head and you are at your fiendish best!

Black Swan
Black Swan

I think this one might look good, what do you think?

Ring’s Samara: The first image that comes in our minds would be her climbing creepily out of the well in her white frock and dreadful locks. She comes out of the TV set and with one good hand, reaches for its prey and nobody could come out of this devil’s claws. Bring back the character alive, wear a loose fitted white dress and it’s that simple. Let your hair have a wet look but do not cover your face entirely, you will bump into things you don’t want to. We can always alter the look to avoid accidents!

Samara Morgan - The Ring
Samara Morgan – The Ring

This dress is white, it is loose and I think it fits the bill. Something like this would do the trick for you:

Now that you know what to wear, you should know where to be! There is a very cool party in town on 30th October, Halloween’s eve at Colaba-based HeadQuarters (HQ). With special cocktails flowing, tasty treats and a lot of prizes to be won, who would want to miss this bash? Now, who wants to go to the party? A special Halloween contest- winners get free entry, free alcohol and free food! It is not Halloween every day, but when it is, we shower surprises! Tweet to us @FMWdotcom your Halloween look using hash tag #MyHalloweenlook and tell us why you choose this look one lucky winner gets a couple VIP entry to Colaba-based HeadQuarters (HQ) Halloween party happening tonight.

By: Akanksha Narang

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