Work and Leisure Go Hand in Hand

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Now that the most dreaded day of the week is done with, it’s time to tackle those blues once and for all! We, at FMW, always believe in styles that are comfy yet chic. Making bold statements is our thing. And the one thing that really, like really needs an upgrade is corporate wear.

Your sheath skirt or plaid trousers don’t always have to  suffocate you or restrain you from being at ease. The nine hours you spend at your work should only help your mind focus on your projects and not on your post-lunch belly bump. We have devised some great professional ensembles comfortable as your home wear.

The sweatshirt look

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Have you ever thought of pairing your hoodie with an A-line skirt or a pair of cigarette pants? Well, that’s one look that will definitely make you look chic””its classic and quirky vibe is perfect for a week full of business commitments. The hoodies with large fonts on them work best for this look, you could invest in one or just simply borrow it from your boyfriend, for over-sized fashion is the next big thing. Oh! And don’t forget your block heels, they are the cherry on your cake.

The white shirt on tracks look


Throw on your classic white shirt, open a few buttons of your tack pants, slip into a pair of formal flats and voila we’ve tweaked a basic look into something so fancy.

The blazer on tracks look

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When you think of a blazer, the next thing that comes to your mind are trousers, but what if your yoga pants replaced them? Wear the blazer at work and take it off during your post-duty workout, it’s the best of both worlds, isn’t it? Anything to save our time and effort.

The trench coat over shorts look


You must be wondering how biker shorts would do justice to a corporate look, but ironically it does. This trend started by Kim Kardashian is definitely the definition of looking cool at work kinda day’. Now your coats don’t need to be stocked up for your pretty dresses, it could be belted up with anything (even with your shorts for that matter).

The sneakers on formals look

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Keepin’ it formal from your head to your calves because your toes are definitely getting something dapper on them. Wearing formal shoes is so monotonous, sneakers are fresh and fun, they add that extra bling to your monochromatic outfit; especially, if they are printed, and trust us a little bit of sparkle is crucial. Every time you get tensed just stare at your feet, life gets better, we promise.

The stilettos-on-tracks look


When you think of sweatpants you would regard it to being sporty and feisty, but the heels give it a feminine touch, which makes it look rugged yet elegant. As only your footwear can change the mood of your ensemble, think wisely before you step out.

Pro tip: Style is all about risks, make sure you take them. Besides, standing out and looking different always works.

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Story by: Adelle Rodrigues | Edited by: Esther Cabral | Graphics by: Vritti Gala

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