V-Day gifting for Men – Do’s and Don’t’s

Gifting your man on Valentine’s day can be quite a notorious task. Most men are always unaware of what they really want and some spend their entire life trying to figure this dilemma. When it comes to gifting your man on a day as special as V-Day we suggest give him something new that has just been introduced in the stores. Men always like being owners of things that nobody else can possess. That’s exactly why he treats you so special. If he doesn’t I’m sure you get the hint by now.

Remember, what you buy reflects how you see him and the relationship, so you want to get something creative and thoughtful for the amount of time you’ve been together. FMW’s guide is a sure shot ticket to enrich your relationship and make him think – OH SHE CARES!

Nautica’s Signature Flag Timepieces: Though we all look up to our mobile phones to refer to time. Wearing a stylish time piece on your wrist definitely makes a signature style statement. It sends out a direct message to the recipient that he values his time and so will he value yours.

Nautica Signature Flag Timepieces

Nautica Signature Flag Timepieces

If your man loves interactive sports, socializing, eating and enjoys extreme sports that give you an adrenaline rush, then the Nautica’s Signature Flag Timepieces will best suit his personality. Its sporty but at the same time emits a lot of elan and class. Now that’s exactly how you want your man to be right!

Nautica Aqua RushNautica Aqua Rush Gold: These bold fragrances are created in the spirit of the authentic waterman, who has a passion for the water and an active lifestyle.

Nautica Aqua Rush & Nautica Aqua Rush Gold

Nautica Aqua Rush & Nautica Aqua Rush Gold

Nautica Aqua Rush: At once spicy and fresh, crisp and woody, Aqua Rush epitomizes what it means to be a man without limits.

Nautica Aqua Rush Gold : Created by perfumer Joachim Correll of Symrise, Nautica Aqua Rush Gold is a masculine, citrus, woody scent enhanced with marine notes that create a compelling and thoroughly captivating mélange.

Nautica perfumes are housed in a bottle that echoes the curve of a swiftly moving sailboat or cresting wave, with a gilded tip. The energy and passion for the water that characterize the lifestyle of the Nautica man is apparent in every facet of the bold, sophisticated design.

Nautica Aqua Rush & Nautica Aqua Rush Gold

Nautica Aqua Rush & Nautica Aqua Rush Gold


  • As a general rule, men aren’t into the traditional Valentine’s Day presents of bouquets of roses and boxes of chocolate.


  • No matching him-and-her shirts please.


  • A Break Up: The worst gift to give to anyone on the national day of love is a break up. When they might be hoping to hear “I love you” telling them that “It’s over” would be the cruelest thing to do. If you really want to split, do it some other day but not on Valentine’s Day.


Ladies if you are still making up your mind on what to wear on Valentine’s day, we say give the colour Red a miss. Why? Because it is simply DONE TO DEATH. Read our next article on why we think Red is done with.

Tell us  if  you think Red is over done for the coming Valentine’s Day. Tweet to us @FMWdotcom using #DonewithRed and tell us the unique colour you have chosen. Best tweets #win a chance to be featured on FMW

By: Jeremy Cabral

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