Crafted for Gentlemen

If you’re a whiskey lover, you know that when F. Paul Pacult, America’s foremost spirits authority says “Strength and elegance balanced in harmony… blended Scotch does not get any better than this,” then it ought to be a spirit for the most pampered palates.

Chivas 18 Year Old Scotch - Crafted for Gentlemen’

Chivas 18 Year Old Scotch – Crafted for Gentlemen’

And then there’s the fashion lover, who at the drop of a hat would tell that Ashish N. Soni resonates with craftsmanship, innovation and attention to detail.

Ashish Soni

Ashish Soni

Now when you begin to put the two together and place them in the luxurious St. Regis, the big fashion puzzle suddenly begins to fit in. In an evening that was all about ‘made to measure’ Ashish N. Soni presented the concept of artisanal soirees titled ‘Crafted for Gentlemen’. The evening cohosted by Mr. Atul Kasbekar and Mr. Anuraag Bhatnagar, General Manager at the St Regis Mumbai, aimed to highlight the art of bespoke tailoring and its nuances as they are manifested through Ashish N Soni’s tailoring studio.

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Explaining the concept, Ashish said, “The purpose of the evening was to elucidate on the difference and conflict of Bespoke versus made to measure as well as to highlight the similarities in the skillful processes that are involved in crafting a well-blended whiskey or a well-fitting suit. Both arts require skills which are developed over time, matured and executed to perfection.”

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Both Ashish N. Soni and Chivas as brands embody perfection and their alliance was a step further into promoting the art of craftsmanship, evident in the manner the whiskey is blended or the suit stitched.

Fashion Most Wanted was the exclusive blog partner for the evening.

What I wore?

Chivas Look

Black Suit: Custom Made

Printed Shirt and Tie: GANT

Platinum Bracelet and Ring: Orra Jewellery (Platinum collection for Men)

By: Giselle Mendes

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