D.I.Y. Manicures for Winters

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As the winds gets cooler, our skin and nails start acting a little fussy and need a tad extra pampering. And if your already caught up and on the move, here is a little self service that will make you feel worthy that you indulged in.

1. Getting rid of old nail habits – Always remember to remove your old nail polish by using an acetone free nail polish remover as acetone has a tendency of making your nails dry and brittle.
Also make sure to get rid of polish that tends to lies in the corners. If your nails are stained, get a bowl and give your nails a lemon juice bath! Finish by scrubbing with a toothbrush.
2. Exfoliate for revival – Like any other body part, our hands require the utmost attention as the skin tends to get flaky and rough. Scrub your paws with a gentle exfoliator and leave on for about 15 minutes and you will be delighted to see the results.
3. Decent nail length – Not everyone can manage to keep their nails long and be able to work chores all day. In accordance with your routine, we suggest that you cut them at a length that is most suitable and most importantly manageable.
4. Cuticle alert – The most stubborn of all! Simply begin by soaking your hands in water with a hint of a moisturising oil for a good 15 minutes. Now, using a cuticle remover, gently nudge back your cuticles and bring them in a neat line at the base of your nail using the flat edge of the stick. Finish by applying a cuticle oil to seal in your cuticles.
5. Get pretty talons – The key is to get a shade that suits your skin tone. Every woman falls prey to the elaborate number of tints, tones and shades on almost every nail department store at Inglot or OPI. Here are a few ideas to keep your nails in vogue.
– Double French tips
– Nude base with Silver sparkle dust
– Aluminium nail foils
– Gold Metallic nails
– Half moon manicures
Nails dripped in caviar
That simple if only in practice!
By: Fleur De Mello
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