Beard Care: 6 Tips To Grow A Healthy Beard

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A Healthy Beard

If you know how to grow a beard, you must maintain it properly. It takes time and patience to grow the gorgeous mane you’ve dreamed about. Taking care of your skin is important, no beard or beard. A healthy beard depends upon your beard hygiene, diet, and your lifestyle. Short or long, bushy or patchy, beards of all shapes and types require certain maintenance to keep a good appearance. You can try numerous beard grooming styles if you’ve got a healthy beard. 

If you are a beard enthusiast, follow these steps to know how to grow a good beard:

Wash your Beard 

Your beard is full of dirt, pollution, dead skin cells, and sebum. Nobody likes a dirty beard so you should clean it regularly. It’s simpler than it sounds. You just have to wash your facial hair every time you wash your face. Apply a cleansing product to your facial hair and the skin underneath, then wash thoroughly to remove any residue. Pat dry your face with a microfiber towel and apply moisturizer. Intensively rubbing your face may result in dry, flaky skin. It can cause irritation, redness, and itching. Use a mild cleanser and some lukewarm water for best results.

Choose The Right Products For Your Skin Type

Skincare is not just for women. It is an essential part of personal hygiene, irrespective of gender. However, not all products are suitable for everyone. Each one of us has a different skin type and needs different products according to that. Keep in mind your skin type while choosing your beard grooming products. 

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Invest in Proper Beard Grooming Tools

You may have all your products but don’t have the right tools to use. Invest in a good trimmer if you’re a beard enthusiast. You can find trimmers with different attachments. This will help you style and trim your beard in various ways with the same device. Don’t forget to use sunscreen with your moisturizer. Beard oils and chemical exfoliators can also be useful if you want a healthy beard. 

Trim your Beard Regularly

Trim regularly to tame your unruly facial hair. Even if you want long bushy hair, trimming will help. Regular trimming helps in the proper growth of your beard. Additionally, it will help you maintain your desired beard length and shape. How often and how much you should trim depends entirely on how fast your facial hair grows. If confused, you can always follow the rule of thumb. Trim roughly every 4 weeks if you want to grow your beard. To maintain your short length, try trimming every 7-10 days. Getting rid of split ends ensures growth and a healthy beard.

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Watch What you Eat

A healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet is good for your body and your beard. It’s essential to maintain your Body Mass Index(BMI) as obesity can reduce testosterone levels. Include vitamins and minerals-enriched food items in your diet. Add lean meat, fruits, nuts, and healthy fats to help with your hair growth. 

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

No matter what the beard looks like, men’s hygiene is important. Growing a good beard requires you to make healthy lifestyle choices. Sleep for 8 hours, drink enough water and exercise every day to maintain good health. Working out also increases testosterone levels which helps with better hair growth. 

Things not to do for Healthy Beard Growth:

  • Skip moisturizer
  • Shampoo everyday
  • Neglect beard hygiene
  • Roughly scrub your face
  • Over-wash your whiskers
  • Use harsh chemical-containing products
  • Insufficient vitamins and minerals in your diet

Beard-care is an essential part of personal hygiene. The process of taking care of a beard is a gratifying one. It’s all about maintaining a healthy, well-cared-for masterpiece on your face. Take your time, relax, and enjoy the process. 

As a final note, wear your beards and mustaches with pride!

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