Skincare Tips For the Globe-Trotter

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As the world pack their bags to celebrate World Tourism Day, Oriflame is gearing up to be your ultimate skincare companion while you travel. The beauty brand Oriflame known for its natural ingredients & extracts strive to be there at every bend of your journey to ensure that you have a healthy skin from the beginning till the end. Aakriti Kochar, Beauty and Make-up Expert, Oriflame India, shares some essential travel skincare tips to prepare the skin for the adventurous journey ahead.

  • While spending long hours in travelling, ensure that skin is hydrated by consuming a lot of water. Fresh fruits and vegetables also work towards fulfilling that end.
  • Wear a light moisturizer and sun block while traveling to avoid skin damage and pigmentation.
  • In case of covering long distances, it is helpful to always keep an anti bacterial face wash in your handbag.
  • When excess oil settles on one’s skin for long, it leads to break outs, acne and open pores. It is advised to wash one’s face every 6-8 hours to clean skin of excess oil, dirt and impurities.
  • While outdoors, our hands come in contact with many surfaces, attracting bacteria and infections. It is beneficial to use an anti bacterial sanitizer to keep hands clean and bacteria-free all the time.

Taking care of one’s skin while travelling, becomes a necessity that can work wonders and ensure one’s skin shines in those holiday pictures. So get travel ready and don’t forget to print these valuable tips coming the expert herself.

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