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It’s that time of the year when going out is a task and putting on makeup, even tougher. So what should be done for a flawless, glowing skin? Until last week, I too was clueless but then I happened to visit A’damo salon at Shivalik in New Delhi.

A'Damo Salon

After a brief discussion with the experts, I went in for the Casmara skin cleanup. Experts told me Casmara is known for its anti-oxidant and skin whitening ingredients and is highly recommended. Also, there are different masks available for different skin types. For my oily and super tanned skin, I was suggested the Casmara’s skin whitening cleanup.

A'damo Salon Interior
A’damo Salon Interior

The cleanup started with the regular ritual of cleansing with the milk, followed by double rounds of light and then a soothing massage done with special Casmara creams. But what really rejuvenated me is the special fruit pack. Not only did it leave me completely relaxed, but also left my skin feeling suppler. This pack, thick as tar, comprises actual fruit pieces leaves your skin with a cooling sensation. As it dries, you can almost feel your skin getting repaired. They left me with this mask on for about 20 minutes and of the whole regimen, these 20 minutes were the best.

Once the mask was peeled, I was surprised by how much fairer and healthier my skin looked. We don’t realize that amidst pollution, long stressful working hours and messed up sleeping cycles, our skin doesn’t get much time to repair itself. As a result, it begins to lose its glow.

So if you are facing similar dermatological issues, then definitely try out the Casmara cleanup.

Cost of Casmara Cleanup at A’damo Rs.1500/-

By: Isha Gupta

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