5 Things That Broke The Internet

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Break the internet – we’ve all heard this term, but what does it actually mean? The catchphrase refers to content going viral to the point of causing the internet to malfunction. Now, the internet is a dynamic place. There is no manuscript to tell which content will go viral and when. Some people gain popularity by accident while others put much effort into doing so. Whether intentionally or not, there’s no doubt that causing a stir online is no easy task!

From Kim Kardashians butt to the hottest criminal in America, here are the top 5 pictures that broke the internet:

Kim Kardashian Cover

Kim Kardashian cover

Nobody breaks the internet better than the Kardashians. They are most famous for…well, for being famous. In 2014, the internet went frenzy with the cover photo of the Paper magazine featuring Kim. She posed in a black dress, holding a wine glass on her well-sculpted bum to #BreakTheInternet. 

A few days later, Paper released more pictures of the reality star’s body after receiving an overwhelming response from netizens. Her well-oiled bum or full frontal nudity became the talk of the town globally. 

It sparked many conversations worldwide. Memes flooded the internet and became the talk of the town. Reactions were elicited, with some accusing (Kim and Paper) of complicity in western civilization’s decline. There were controversies about photoshopping the images, setting unreal standards for women’s bodies, and even exploiting black women’s bodies. However, it was a successful campaign for the magazine and our dear Kimberly, as it did break the internet, literally!

Ranveer Nude Photoshoot

Ranveer Singh is probably one of the most ecstatic celebrities in India. He’s usually known for his quirky clothes. However, this time he shook the internet for taking his clothes off. The flamboyant actor posed nude for an international magazine, Paper, and triggered a meme-fest. 

His nude photos received a lot of adverse reactions and an NGO filed a case against him. Ranveer’s nude photoshoot was actually a homage to Burt Reynolds’ iconic shoot for Cosmopolitan in 1972.  However, the Bollywood actor was bashed immensely for posing nude.  The pictures were called obscene, an insult to the modesty of a woman. It became a national issue overnight. While his fans supported Ranveer for being a passionate artist, many people were outraged by naked Ranveer Singh photos.

The Wink Girl

priya prakash the wink girl

What does it take to go viral? Well, for the “wink girl“ Priya Prakash Varrier, all it took was a wink! A teaser for the song Manikya Malaraya Poovi from her film Oru Adaar Love. Priya was seen in a school uniform, winking at her classmate to woo him. But as it turned out, she wooed the entire nation. 

The then 19-year-old actress sparked nostalgia in everyone and her famous wink became a sensation nationwide. Even Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas were eclipsed by Priya in terms of most googled Indians in 2018. There are currently more than 106 million views on YouTube for the video that sent the entire Internet into a meltdown. However, her overnight popularity came with a price. Later on, the south Indian actress revealed that she was cyberbullied and trolled. 

Hot Mugshot Guy

They say life is unpredictable and this story probably tops the list of unexpected turns in life. The Hot mugshot guy’ Jeremy Meeks became famous after his mugshot photos surfaced on the internet. Jeremy was arrested by the San Francisco police for armed robbery in 2014. Once his mugshots were released on social media sites, he soon was declared America’s hottest prisoner. 

He soon became a model for magazines, brands, and other products after coming out of prison. Jeremy is a renowned model now, living his best life with amazing projects, his beautiful wife, and lovely kids. 

#Thedress ( The Black And Blue Dress)

the dress

If you have been on the internet for a while, you’ve definitely seen #Thedress. Yes, you’ve got it right. The picture of a dress went viral as people argued to determine the true colour of the dress. Some people can see the dress as white and gold. Others claim it’s black and blue. As a sort of optical illusion, it is now bringing attention to a worthy cause. 

The picture of #Thedress is being used for campaigns to raise awareness for domestic violence in the Salvation Army. The ad by the organisation in South Africa goes – 

Why is it so hard to see black and blue? One in 6 women is a victim of abuse. #StopAbuseAgainstWomen”. 

They are trying to evoke conversations about domestic violence and help women trapped in such horrific situations. 

To “break” the internet or not- these pictures have definitely caused quite a stir on social media. Having evoked a range of mixed reactions, these moments have made history. These iconic photographs and their stories will live on forever!

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